Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A mixed curry of updates..

I hate feeling lost. I am the kind of person who needs to understand. I need to know why and how certain concepts work. This is why Set Theory and Topology is incredibly frustrating as I am finding it difficult to wrap my mind around it. This is not coming naturally to me, so I am trying to work on it and understand as best as I can. However, I feel like I am missing an important link for it to click. So, limits points and closure is still mind bending. And there is more to come which is scary. I do know that I will never use what I learn from this course in the visible future, but I still want to do well in the class and leave with a pristine record in math. I have practically perfect grades in math in all the four years of college.

Apart from that, everything else is okay. Thermodynamics is rolling along merrily with our first test next monday. I don't know what the test is going to be like because his homework has been easy so far. I guess we'll see. Modern Algebra isn't too bad. And Hindu Gods is still stimulating. Today, we talked about an analytical method to interpreting myths and the mythical signifance of pro-wrestling.

Last weekend was fun! Saturday with Jessi which included hanging out at Starbucks, eating at the Taj, and then going dancing at the Top. Highlights. And today passed too. Nothing spectacular happened. I bet I won't remember this Valentine's Day either because I sure don't remember the last one. I remember the one before that. Fond memories.

Still waiting to hear back from graduate schools. I'm getting ansy. And talking about graduate schools, I had an interview lined up for a scholarship which I promptly forgot about. So, they called me and then I realized that I missed it. I ran to the interview and gave it in whatever I was wearing. So, I wasn't prepared for the interview at all. Still, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in graduate school, and my motivation and preparation for it. So, the interview wasn't bad. I just know that I won't get it because there are 15 well-qualified candidates applying who probably have a marginally higher GPA than me. Although, they may be hard pressed to find someone with as much research experience or diverse experience as me. So, I guess I don't feel too bad messing this one up. Thank God that my graduate education will be paid for and more!

As I got bored tonight, I cleaned up my room some more. A few things up. My cushion covers are on the wall. I need to find command strips for my posters which I got in the mail. Still need to put some clothes and books away..

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