Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A weekend in Chicago

I had to go up to Chicago to apply for an Italian visa in person. That was incredibly annoying. This has been the most assanine consulate/embassy i have dealt with. So after panicking a bit figuring out how to get there and when to go up, I found out that Chris was going up to Chicago to see his sister performing in a reggae band. I also called Andi and made sure that she and her family was ok with my staying with them for the weekend. It was fine, I knew it would be because her family really likes me :)!

         So, I left on Friday at 6 much to the dissappointment of Britta due to the fact that we couldn't hang out this weekend. And of course, something had to go wrong. Chris never read his directions, so we missed the highway we were supposed to be on completely and only realized that we were not going in the right direction after I called Andi. That was funny but it made Chris and his girlfriend miss the concert and they turned into a taxi service just for me. that might go on the good ones list! Anyway, I got to Batavia, and Andi and her mum picked me up. The weekend passed being quite mellow. I didn't do much. I came in too short a notice for Andi to drop her jobs.. Next time, things should be more planned. We did spend some time together, although I wish we could have spent some more.. I was kinda dissapointed when we couldn't go swing dancing on sunday to the lake front thing, but i got over it and we went shopping and biking instead. maybe i'll head up there sometime again and we can do it then. we thought magaret(andi's sis) and her bf to swing last night. I did do a little bit of swing with her which was great because I miss it and her a lot!

         Of course, the visa adventure. I go up there by train and then walk to the consulate. it was a wonderful day, so the walk was great! The moment i get up to the consulate, i see that it's a small office setting. that's the smallest diplomatic office i've ever seen. hehe.. he said that i didn't have the right paper work and i need more things. Well, i would have brought them if they had responded to my email or fax about it. I even tried to call them. Those damn fools! They don't even take calls. What the hell is up with that? So eventually after getting my bank statement and then getting my medical insurance faxed to them, he is satisfied. He said that it will take a week to process. I hope it get to me soon because I need it in a couple of weeks.. I spent the rest of the time there walking around. I ate at an Israeli restaraunt with Andi's dad who works in downtown Chicago. After that I went to the Virgin Megastore and the Millenium Park. I walked around Mich Ave too. I have pictures that I will put up soon. Andi dropped me off today morning at the greyhound station and then waited with me the whole time till the bus came. I was happy that she came and saw me off. Although that made her miss her morning run, I hope she was able to go later.. I atleast I got quite a few hugs in this weekend. The hug quota is satisfied for another few days. lol!

The trip back to Cedar Rapids was long but I tried to sleep most of the way. Greyhound would be fine if it didnt take so much of time. It took me 7 hours to get to Cedar Rapids instead of the normal 3.5 hrs. But I got to walk around downtown Iowa City during the lay over there..

And I'm back now. I can sleep in my own bed. I re arranged my room somemore. And I hung out with Britta and Sean. So, I've had a good long day. I hope the rest of the week goes fine. I have a lot of work ahead in my presentation and paper for the conference.. Let's see what tomorrow brings. And tomorrow's Wednesday lunch is Indian food! yay!

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