Thursday, June 16, 2005

And so the summer begins

I guess a lot has happened since the last time I blogged. I moved out of my home of a year and into an apartment with 3 girls. My parents were mildly curious because they thought I might have an interesting time sharing a bathroom with a girl. hehe..I don't think there is anything I haven't seen, so I shouldn't be caught unawares or embarrassed. The reason why I am living with these three girls is Kristin. I haven't seen for a year and I thought we could catch up and hang out to make up lost time. She is also one of my best friends. So far, I haven't done much with her. She hangs out a lot with Dana who is probably her best friend here. So, it's a little hard to get her by herself except for a couple of hours every other day. I hope we get to actually talk sometime. I think that would be nice. Sharing living space with three people is interesting because it's all about compromise and patience. We have communal food and personal food. That's a good thing because we don't eat the same food. Kristin is also the only one who can actually cook. So, I've had a few cooked meals with her. I suppose that's good for the people in the apartment.

More about the apartment and my room.. The apartment has 4 individual bed rooms(duh!), two restrooms(one with a bathtub and one without), a common big kitchen which comes furnished, and a living room. It's a big apartment and I like the space. It's a vast difference from my single last year. Mind you, I loved my single. I got tons of privacy and didn't have to worry about having guests in my room till late. hehe..that's for people in the likes of Britta ;). But I still get a single bed room which is good because most of my stuff is in there. I am still in the process of unpacking because I have a ton of stuff. It took me two days with the help of three people and their cars. I think the funniest part of moving was my entertainment centre strapped on top of Jake's Cherookee. The last day of moving, we had a tornado warning go off as i got done moving. I was on the phone with Andi at the time sirens went off and I had to hang up quick and run back to the apartment in the pouring rain. And ofcourse as usual, we had to hang out in the basement till the warning expired. Since, the caf was not open anymore after May term ended, I had to eat out the next few days. I had too much of wendy's and taco bell for a weekend. I went out and got groceries worth a 100 bucks. I still have them after a couple of weeks, so it's money well spent for the most part. I also bought a 1 gb flash drive and a mouse because I had been using a borrowed mouse for over a year.

So, ends this saga of moving..

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