Thursday, June 23, 2005

a mixed sort of day

I didn't have a very good day at research. Doc might be a little dissappointed or frustrated with me or both. I think I should do better. *sigh* I think my paper is pretty good now. But it took quite a lot of work. And he thought I should have been more attentive to details and been more critical of my own writing. What he doesn't realize is that I am critical of my writing. I know when it's mediocre. But I worked on it. And it got better with a little guidance. Anyway, I have to finish up my poster presentation that I will be doing at the Borate Conference 2005 in Trento, Italy. I think I'm mostly done with that too. A lot of it was cut and paste from the paper i wrote. I'll put the paper and presentation up sometime too.. And then asked me if I wanted to stop work because he didn't think I could do much after Italy. I guess that's sort of true. I don't have enough time for an independent project but I can do something else. He wants me to start my honor's thesis writing. That's a good idea. And I'm not going to Canada. Italy is good enough anyway.

And then I came back and worked out. I could do only 1.25 miles before I had to stop because I had side stitches again! But that's after 4 days of no exercising. I guess it was coming. I did get in a lot of weights. I did more that usual. And then played racquetball with Sean. That was good. And to end the evening, I spent a couple of hours with Jessi hanging out and drinking Jasmine tea in her chinese tea set. It was good to see and talk to her. I introduced her to PostSecret and she loved it. She is also incredibly tanned from nannying the kids because she is taking them to swim. I was amazed! Anyway after 20 mins of word association with her, I came up so that she could go to bed. And I have been chilling in my room since. And swapping covers with Megan. hehe..

I suppose that is a decent update for today..I need to call Andi sometime.

[Listening to: Rhythm Made Me Do It - Shania Twain - Send It... With Love (3:51)]

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