Friday, June 17, 2005

Bloopers from Glass research at Coe College

While Calibrating DSC

Doc: So, how�s the baseline coming?
Grant: It still has the large curve.
Doc: Well, did it shift at all?
Grant: No, it�s the same as last time��.
That�s because we didn�t change it.

Mario: I don�t like the sound of the beads sitting around for a
few days.
Brad: Well what do you want me to do with them?
Jim: Desicatize the beads.
Brad: Is that a word?
Mario: That is why my students need more english classes.

Doc: Where�s Trent?
Student: What time is it?
Doc: 10:30 a.m.
Student: Well he isn�t expected for another half hour.

Sagnik: I love polishing, La la La la la. I will go check my email.
Jim: (by the polisher) Boy, this is wet here, what the hell is going on, did I do something?
Sagnik: (in computer lab) I love email, I don�t have any worries in the world when I check my email.
Mario: What the hell is this? Why is there water spewing all over my lab�.. Sagnik!!!

(Grant & Allen trying to roller quench, but something is wrong)
Grant: Doc, something is wrong with the roller quencher.
Doc: Well who used it last?
Allen: Biswas and Kristen were the last to use it.
(Doc talking to Biswas and Kristin)
Doc: So, did you use the roller quencher?
Biswas: No, it was not me.
Kristen: Yeah, I used it earlier this morning.
Doc: Well what did you do?
Kristen: I did �(proceeds to tell Doc what she did), Jim is the one who taught me how to use it.
Doc: Ah, Now I know why.*
*Not all text is historically accurate

(Just a regular day, and Biswas needs to use the roller quencher for his sample)
Biswas: Doc really must trust me to let me do research all on my own without Trent babysitting me.
(Biswas proceeds to prepare to quench his sample, he even practices a few times to help his speed)
Biswas: Okay, let�s do this..(Biswas opens the furnace and with lightning speed pulls his sample out and empties it into the roller quencher)
Biswas:Yeah,,, that�s what I�m talkin �bout.
(Soon after Biswas�s world crashes around him as he notices he never turned on the roller quencher and his sample is just sitting there, cooling on top of the rollers)

(Jim is preparing to do z-mapping on a sample he just got done blasting with a laser, he is extremely excited because one, he got to play with a laser and two, he is learning how to z-map)
Tim: Do you know where in the sample there is damage?
Jim: Yeah, (as he is pulling the glass out of the envelope) There is a crack down the middle because upstairs we�.(he stutters randomly about his project) But at least the sample is still intact.
(Jim drops the sample and it breaks on the table below him)
Jim: Damn, at least it was intact.

If you have questions about the stuff involved. Leave comments and I'll clarify.
There will be more. And I'll put them up as them come! Cheers!

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