Monday, June 27, 2005

Thinking of good times..

This weekend has been different. I did stuff but then I had a lot of time to myself too. This is the first weekend when my roomies weren't around all the time. I could have asked people to come over and hang out. But I took a lot of alone time instead. Sean, Britta and me saw Bewitched on Friday. It was relatively good.. We got back and hung out at Sean's till 3 am and then I left to go sleep. Saturday, Jojo and me were supposed to hang out but that didn't happen. Instead I spent time playing around with my brand new Dell Inspiron 6000, and installing software on it. Kelly came by later in the evening and then we went to eat to Nothing But Noodles which was good. Another one of those non-date dates. We caught up with things happening in our lives. We bumped into Sean and Britta at Best Buy and then hung out there and the mall till 9. We rented After the Sunset which we watched later after getting back. It was a bad movie, why would directors make such movies?!?! After they left, I was awake till 2am and around that time, Kristin walked into my room because she didn't think I would still be awake. Hehe..I was. We talked for a while and hung out till 3 am with Catie. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that I had messages from Sunny that she was close to Cedar Rapids and she wanted to eat with me. I was so excited to see her again. Me and Kristin met them at Fiesta Del Sol and ate lunch with Sunny, Alex, her sister and dad. It was fun. They came back to our apartment and we hung out for a while before they left. Apart from that nothing much has happened today. I hung out with Sean too for a while. I wish I could have seen Britta today but she didn't really have time to see me..Big news for this weekend is that two of my friends are dating again. I knew it was coming and I am happy for them. Lucky!

Now to what I really wanted to blog about. Bewitched had a nice soundtrack which included some good jazz/swing songs. I heard them and missed Andi a lot. I love dancing with her. We are so incredibly compatible in swing. We can do stuff that only we can do with each other. I hear swing music and always think of her. One of my favorite songs to dance to is Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea. We always request that song when we go to the Top of the Five.. So, the one thing that will always remind me of her is swing apart from her big beautiful smile.. Look at our pictures together and you see what I mean about her smile..

In short, I still miss her.

This is Britta and Sean in case you were wondering who they are:

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