Thursday, December 18, 2003

Hi sweetie!

it was really good to hear your voice today. im sorry i called so late, i miscalculated the time, you think i would get that right being a math major and all..(lol). its good to hear that your german went well. was your jury the italian song that you sang for me? try to send me a pic of the flowers that you got coz i havent seen it.. its nice to hear from the other nutty two,got the daddy one and britta message too. how are they doing?

i guess you should be packing for home. i think you will probably see this email at home. im really sorry that i havent mailed so far, things at home have been kinda hectic although it has slowed down now. i dont like the keyboard of the cyber cafe nearby and home's computer internet doesnt work straight.

anyway, the wedding went off really well. i was just disoriented because the sequence of the wedding stuff was inverted since it was fusion of the north indian and bengali wedding. i have a shit load of pictures that i will be getting back. most of them were from my parent's digital camera and i have a roll of my film too. there are a lot of pictures of me and my cousins too. i dont remember if i told you that most of the family cries at the end of the wedding when the bride goes away to her husband's place. all our mums and her dad cried as she went away. i felt sad too coz when i come back here, she wont be at home but somewhere else and i wont be able to see her as much. i hardly saw her this time too..

atleast i saw the rest of my cousins and i had a wonderful time. my cousin's brother is also in the same age group as me, so its interesting to see the college life of youth in India. We talked a lot and i turned into a confidant and secret keeper yet again! all us cousins went to watch intolerable cruelty with catherine zeta jones and george clooney. we travelled 6 packed in a car sized like a geo that can hold 4 people comfortably! and when we got out, it was pouring and we hadnt eaten yet. so we grabbed some food on the way and stopped at a shopping arcade that was closed and ate like homeless people do! it was quite an experience!

anyway, it seems like we will be going to my father's eldest brother's home for a couple of days and i think they have a better internet connection there, i hope to god!

i will go shopping soon and i will search for your 'saree'. i hope i can find a good one. and you still have to send me tina's address for the lagaan cd.

i hope your finals week went on well without much disturbance. I know its weird without the usual people in the room but i hope others kept you company went you needed it.

i think about you a lot and miss your touch. i hope you are having a good time. your emails cheer me up, keep em' coming! I'll try calling too.


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