Sunday, December 21, 2003

My precious,

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time there and thats wonderful! Isnt it uplifting to be around family? Parties are always fun especially if you know everyone in it. Atleast all your finals went off fine. i heard frm komal and she told me that you guys studied together, for humanities i presume.

i wanted to tell you before you left to pick my college mail up..i went to the dad's eldest brother's home with the family for a couple of days. i met my cousin who will be commissioned in the Indian armed forces in 6 months. he has been in a military school for the last 3 years. i heard about the rigors of that school..i wouldnt have survived that! he also told me a few things that he hasnt told his parents. apparently he has started smoking which is really sad and he has a girl friend now. his parents will kill him if they find out about either of the two and he knows it. funny the way things work around here. my cousin at home also had one for about 3 years and had to hide it from his parents becuase his parents wouldnyt approve. the funniest part is that the wedding i attended here, she didnt tell her parents that she had been dating this guy for about 2 years. they dropped a bombshell when they finally told them that they wanted to get engaged! guess what, my brother has a girlfriend too, and he hasnt told my parents yet!

and talking about good food, dont be shocked if you see me a bit plumper. i hope to god to recognize me at the airport (just kdding). i ate so much the last few days that i puked twice in the night because my stomach finally gave out. i have been eatin lesser since then because i dont want to puke again and dont wnat mum screaming at me again. its hard to resist all the home cooked food at home, i do try you know. but you know my fetish for sweet stuff, its as strng as your chocolate fetish, maybe not that strong.

i have also been making plans to go down to my hometown and visit some family and the friends i have back there. i will be flying to hyderabad on dec 31 and spending the evening with bhavya and her friends and possibly my cousin sis too. i stil have to figure out the sleeping arrangement for 31st. my main base should be my uncle's home but he lives quite far away from the main city. so my main plans are to spend a couple of days with bhavya and some friends, who ever has time and my relatives. i have a 15 year old cousin brother and 12 year old cousin sis i havent seen in a year and a half. I should do some part of the shopping there i think, need to start making a dent at the shopping list i have. it will be good since i have a lot of catching up to do there with everyone..

its late now so i need to go home and eat. more later. miss you!

lots of kisses and a poke,


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