Saturday, December 27, 2003

Hi sweetie!

it was good to talk to you on christmas. im sorry i called so early (i can't apologize enough), i didnt want to miss you again like a few days back. it was good to hear that you finished most of your christmas shopping before christmas. its fun shopping with other people especially when you ask them for their input of whatever you are buying. i did go shopping with my cousin but didnt buy much before my parents told me that they would pay for my clothes shopping and thats what i had gone to do. so far, i have bought another one of my graphic tees and mum has bought a couple of short sleeve shirts. I also got a long sleeve shirts from my aunt as a gift. people here buy their nephews and nieces stuff when they go to their homes. just like i had to buy stuff for my cousins.

after i called you, i left immediately for my relative's place. the naming system here is a bit more complicated when it comes to family. people on my mom's and dad's side are called by different names. except me and my brother, no one else in the family is called by their real name. talking about real names, i dont know the real names of some of my cousins! its weird i know. we reached there and spontaeously decided to go watch a movie. we packed 6 people again into a small car to get there! when we reached the theatre, we found out that the movie that we had wanted to see was sold out. so we switched to another movie that we had heard was funny. i have never had a greater urge to leave the movie half way before. the movie was truly pathetic and lame, what a royal waste of time! worst part was that the theatre is the most expensive in the city. unfortunately that was the closest to us. atleast the dinner was good, had subway before the movie for $1! food here is soo cheap, its unbelievable! anyway, we got back home at 3 in the morning and had our proper dinner then.

the next day, woke up at noon as usual and lazed about most of the afternoon. we went handicrafts shopping in the evening and bought some stuff there. i bought a few things that i will be getting back to coe. i havent bought your saree and cds yet but i will be doign that very soon. i will try to get silk but if i dont, i'll get somethign that you will be comfortable in. my cousins told me of a different material that the girls here wear. i might get that. we need to go to a special shop since normal sarees would be too short for you. i told mum that you were a tall girl, a couple of inches taller than my tallest sister. tall by indian standards atleast..

my parents and brother leave for home tomorrow night (sunday). i will be here by myself for a couple of days before i leave for hyderabad. i wil be in hyderabad for about a week. Most of my time there is sorta planned and hope everything there goes well. I havent seen my friends in a long time and there are some friendships I hope I can repair. I don�t care either way though, its been too long to affect me anymore. I don�t know if I told you that I lost my best friend in 10th grade due to dumb petty stuff. Somehow I don�t think I�ll see her though. I will be doing significant shopping there since I have so much of time there. I am spending $250 on airfare instead of $40 on train fare because I couldn�t get a ticket! I should have asked my cousin to book my ticket along with hers, that was a mistake. Instead, she going to reach hyderabad in 30 hours and me in 1.5 hours! Family time there should be good too. Im looking forward to hyderabad if you havent figured that out yet.

Anyway, I think this has been a long enough email for you to read. I hope you had fun doing presents on christmas. I know I would have!

I can�t wait to see you again! Geez, I miss you so much, atleast thinking about you relaxes me.

Lots of flying kisses and real ones plus a tickle,


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