Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Hi Bhav!

Its been a long time since we last chatted. My internet here in college has been kinda screwy with plenty of viruses and worms. The blaster virus really ticked us all off..and the problem hasnt still be completely rectified. So, my net keeps going up and down all the time. I have never been so cut off from the rest of the world till now. The only people that I had contact with were my parents, through the phone. Anyway, I tried calling you but the call never goes through!

School has started in full blast and this semester seems like it will kick ass. My easiest class is Topics of Scientific Inquiry where I am studying environmental chemistry, to be more specific toxicology of various chemicals in our surroundings. And then I have Calculus 3, where I am doing vector calculus currently..so far so good. Computer Sciennce 1 should be also interesting, learning how to program for the first time in pascal. And then finally the tougher of the physics courses, modern physics. So far, it seems like I should be able to handle this course but I dont know about later. And the course which will truly kick my ass is Mechanical Formulations where we study physics on a truly advanced math level with vector calculus and gradient stuff and matrices! I might actually drop this class but still sit in the classes to learn stuff. I just dont want to be tested on this stuff..Now thats acads..

And then comes everythign else. Now that I am this year's I-Club president, I have to do so much of plannign and stuff for all the events coming up. For example the canoe trip this weekend. Man, logistics is tough business! I hope this one goes without a hitch. And then the bigger one is the Minneapolis trip during Oct 11-13, should be plenty of fun..I am going to do some shopping there..saving up now for that! And so many wonderful people have come in this year. I am getting to know the korean, european and american freshmen really well and I am happy about that..I am not all that bored here anymore like last year and they dont have to go through all that I had to go through. I try to help them out as much as possible to make their stay here nice because the german girls leave in december.

I am still coming to India. I just havent been able to book my ticket yet. If I dont get the free ticket with my father's miles, then we have to pay $1500 atleast for a new ticket! If that happens I'd be so pissed off! And I am seriously considerig coming back to the US quickly if I dont get to see any friends in Hyd..I will come to Hyd surely, just dont know how long I'd want to stay because everyone will be busy even you..I know you will take some time off for me, and I am counting on that, by the way.

Anyway, I plan to get a cell phone sometime really soon to be more accessible to people. You can call me if you want to, I dont know how much it costs thats all. I would love to talk to you on the phone but I never get through.

Where are the rest of your pictures? I should have some brand new ones soon, and I'l put them up on the web when I find time.

I wish we could chat or do something, but I don't know when you will be free enough for that. Email me if you see me online. Atleast we still have this means of communications.

I really miss you and can't wait to see you in December.



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