Sunday, December 04, 2005

a day with chinese and mexican cuisines

I was woken up at 11 am by Jenn's call telling me to get off the bed and get ready because she wanted me to eat dinner with her mum, aunt and james. Since, I didn't have time to shower, I tamed my hair with the ever popular cap. We ate at the chinese place by the lake. Gotta tell ya, it's one of the best Chinese places I've eaten at. After we got back, I worked on the test some more and then Jenn and I head out to the church for the practice dance. It was fun showing off swing again as people wanted us to. We practiced fox trot a little bit more too. I really do need more practice in the high jazz dance forms. Dinner was with Jenn again. We went to our favorite Mexican place, and got there in time for the $2 magaritas. I must say I love their magaritas and downed two of them! I ended the night by finishing the test, and rather giving up on some of the questions that evaded me all last week.

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[Listening to: New Year's Eve - Nina Gordon - Tonight and the Rest of My Life (3:28)]

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