Friday, December 02, 2005

Country and work

I guess I decided it was about time that I finished all the chores that my mentor has requested to get done. So, I got the last of my samples synthesized, all of the AFM scans of the substrates done, updated the ecopy of the log book of the procedural parameters, and the holes for the target rotations. I must say, that was a very productive 8 hours of work! It was kind of exciting making holes because I've hardly ever used power tools. I was hoping that my mentor would be pleased that everything he has asked for was accomplised with minimal damage ;). I guess that was work.

While at work, I was still obsessing about the Kyoto Protocol and the India/China exemption. I talked to a few people about it and realized that it was a flawed treaty, as there was no equanimity amongst sacrifices to be made. That made me sad, but it fit in well with the economics of the present day world. This treaty favors developing nations, as it provides concessions of carbon dioxide output. I know world economics is not simple, however if China and India never had intentions to stand by the framework, they should have never ratified the treaty. I have to read up on the conclusions of the Montreal conference.

Our big group activity was at Cotton Eyed Joe's which is a country bar with country dancing. We initially intended to take country lessons and we found out that the lessons were on Thursdays. I guess we missed out on that. However, it was a dollar fifty beer and mixed drinks night. So, we took full advantage of that. I tried out all the expensive drinks I never had before including chocolate martini, and a few drinks with Bailey's in it. Jenn and I got to dance quite a bit, and we did swing to country which was hilarious. I learnt to do the barn dance, and a few country line dances. The barn dance is one of the most social dances around because we go in a big circle and dance with every girl. It's great!

And that my friends was the one of the last big social outings in ORSS. Sigh..

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