Saturday, December 03, 2005

Beauty, dance and debate

Saturday was our big fancy holiday jazz dance/dinner. We figured that it was bound to be a formal affair, so we dressed up. Jenn looked ravishing in a red gown, while I cleaned up and got into some formal clothing myself ;). I've got pictures of us from that night that I will put up soon. I promise. I met Jenn's mum and her aunt that night too. I guess I left a great first impression. hehe. Back to dance, apart from it taking us way too long to find the place, it was okay. They had to set up a new table for us because we had gotten there a little late. But we go some pretty darn expensive snacks/munchies ;) and wine. We got to dance a bit and toned our dance down a little so that we didn't show off. We did get a few raves about our swing. Like we usually do in a non-swing setting. haha.

We got back and decided to be productive. After working on the test, we talked forever! I don't really remember ever having talked about ethics, politics, hypocracy and science at that length. My mind has returned to Coe sharper than when I left. All attributed to Jenn. As far as I remember, we talked about the double standards that countries have in foreign and domestic policy. Yet another late night ;).

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