Wednesday, December 28, 2005

About a girl

So, there is a girl. For one, I didn't think I could get into a complicated situation like this, but the girl was special enough that I did. But we can't do anything about it now, because distance is something neither one of us are willingly to do. But I don't want to let her go and lose her. Which is where my dilemma comes in. What the hell do I do? Logic dictates I stay close to her while moving on emotionally, but as usual logic goes right out when it comes to emotions. I am such a logical and methodical guy, but I have no idea why I am at a total loss to feel un-stressed. Yeah, that's one more thing that attracts me to her. She is very methodical and logical too, but is totally irrational when it comes to emotions. Like me. My luck with girls I like has been bad (I guess more unfortunate that bad). Sigh.

Stupid distance.

Distance does make me want her so much more. I think about her. A lot!

I guess there is hope, for the future.

Reasons why I like her? Well, she is utterly brilliant. I have never had so many stimulating conversations about politics, religion, science, ethics, and the world in general. She is the kind of person I didn't mind losing sleep over ;). Another thing that doesn't go unnoticed is that she is at the top of her class. Apart from being just smart, she is a geek. Tee-hee.. She is very ambitious, driven and has set goals for the future. I find that trait extremely attractive. It's easy being with a person who has figured themselves out through the years. And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person who indulges in analysis of human behavior. What else? She is very lively, a social butterfly, friendly as heck. She's got spunk. Yeah, how can I forget? She loves swing, and dancing in general. That's a massive plus! Also, I love her style of dressing and she's gorgeous!

Hmm.. I'll keep thinking of things that attract me to her.

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