Saturday, February 26, 2005

What a night!

This was a very pleasant friday night. I walked around with Komal for a bit and bought some groceries which included a bottle of wine, beer and some snacks. Well, that was meant for after the auction before we had to leave for the free midnight showing of Hitch. This is one of the cool things Coe does for us to give us a non-drinking alternative. But back to the preperations before the auction. I went up to 7th and got my hair spiked (sort-of) by Sarah who also did my hair for the AOII 80's (Screw your Sister) dance. And then I head over to the auction. I was in the middle of the first set of people. I remember talking to Parr who was an RA in Voorhees like Andi and she was a little worried about getting sold because her boyfriend was not going to be there. So, the bidding began and I bid for $15. And I got her! It was pretty cool but I did think other people would bid on her for sure. Komal got me for $15. I wish I had gone for more and some other friends had bid on me but it was ok because it went kinda fast. And then the crazy bidding that I was involved in. It was a bidding war for Hannah between me and the boy from Wartburg who she is on the verge of dating if not dating. It went like 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90, and 100. I stopped my bid on $90 and her boy bought her for a cool $100. That was sooooo cool! I made more money for us and people kept coming up to me later and going "What was all that about?" and I just grinned. hehe.. I also bid up the values of couple of more people like Sarah Small because I knew Andy was going to buy her. She was happy. Finally, I bid $31 for Megan and got her too. That was just crazy. So essentially, the people I bought, I don't know them very well because I have talked to them only a couple of times. I hope those dates are fun. I hope. So I got two $20 vouchers to a pizza place( Komal and Megan) and a voucher to Applebee's and a couple of movie tickets ( Parr). So, I have 3 dates for certain before the semester ends apart from 2 pending with Andi and 1 from Kristin.
            The midnight movie was pretty good. We got there in a taxi and we got good seats because we were pretty early. It was a couple of hours long but all of us like it. It was a fun night out with friends. I have not done that for a long time.
            I was glad that Komal bought me. :) Now, her boy from Nepal will hate me even more. *evil laugh* That's the funny thing. The boyfriends of most of my friends don't like me because I am so close to their girls. They feel threatened. This has happened so many times here because the girls are very free with me and talk to me about basically anything and that drives their boyfriends up the wall.

[Listening to: Fat Lip - Sum 41 -(2:58)]

[Listening to: Fat Lip - Sum 41 - (2:58)]

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Aureate said...

Tsk tsk tsk Joy. Never knew you to be the evil kind. ;-)) Bad boy!!