Thursday, January 06, 2005

last full day at home

after going through all those blogs, I was exhausted last night. I left some feedback on some of the people I found who did swing. I'll wait to see if anyone replies.. I took a quite a few pictures on the garden and the flowers in it. I'll have to see if they turned out well. I have started getting some things organized for the packing. My bed's covered with my stuff now. I don't think I have enough to pack both my suitcases but I have to take both back.. I'll be carrying back some cool stuff, like a couple of bottles of french Bordeaux from dad, african stuff.. yeah, things like that..

this new blogrolling thing is pretty cool. I must have over 25 links to different blogs now..i also got a movie and some software offa my brother. I need to look at his music and take some of that too.

I watched Shall We Dance yesterday evening. It got me in the mood of dancing again. It's like any other click flick. I'd rate it under the catagory of Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, that type of movie..

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