Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First day of class

All my classes are Tuesday-Thursday and last 90 minutes! I have Hindu Gods and Goddesses at 9.30 am, Set Theory and Topology at 2 pm, immediately followed by Thermodynamics at 3.30 pm. At that point today, I was completely wiped. Sigh. I guess I'll be using Monday-Wednesday-Friday for homework and getting knicknacks done as I will have no energy to study productively on Tuesday and Thursday.

I also need to get motivated to unpack and decorate my room. I'm sure I'll have a surge to do it sometime soon.

Falling asleep at midnight and waking at 7 am is working well so far. Gotta see if I can keep it up. For example, I feel awfully tired and midly drowsy now. I have to stay a little longer, and see if my tv show downloads get done or not. Internet in my room is slower than dialup! I have to ask why the 14 new T1 lines weren't installed. I would gladly pay a little extra for faster internet.

Now, I going to see if I want to finish more Modern Algebra homework or not. I don't know if I have the patience.

I'll leave you with a picture of fuschia sky I took at Oak Ridge, TN last year (click for a larger 1024 pixel image).

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Andi said...

You're taking Hindu Gods and Goddesses?! Isn't that a slacker class for you? :-)

indoloony said...

Lol! I guess. It's interesting though ;).