Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Final week update at Oak Ridge

I spent most of the week at Panera's and office working on my paper and poster presentation. The poster turned out well. I was proud of myself. And the paper was just a recap of what I had done at work. My mentor didn't want me to submit my poster or paper for publication as he didn't want any of the results becoming public. It's okay because he needs to finish working on it so that other people can not steal the idea. This is how a lot of scientific research works. Oh, along with working on the paper, I probably had the most amount of decaffeinated Colombian coffee I've ever had. About 3-4 cups every time!

My poster session went well except for my group hoarding my poster. They never left! They just stood there talking about my results and the work I did. Hehe. And we had our final social event as the program had invited the whole intern group for dinner. It was a ton of fun and we even got paper awards. I was "Curious George" for always having questions during seminars. Actually, it's true. I was perpetually inquisitive ;).

And then we finally come to the fun part of the week. My last week with Jenn. I think we were together if we weren't working . We worked on our stuff at Panera after work or went dancing or ate out. It was our best week of dancing too. She is the best dancer I've experienced when it came to slower music. She gets very close and intimate which makes it ton of fun to dance with her. We went to Preservation Pub on monday (finally!), and we drank some beer and got to dance to the live band that was playing. We were able to make fun breaks too. That was so cool! And then wednesday too. We went to the free social dance after the lessons and stayed till they stopped playing music. Let me tell ya, people were watching. Jenn's a very lively, and sexy dancer. She liked getting really close, and use her hips. At times, the gyrations were the best part. She is really the best with slow, more sensous music. And of course, something that began our friendship. The endless hours of intellectual stimulation. We talked till late into the night. Every night. On the average, I would get home around 3 am. One night, I got home at 7 am. I've never discussed current affairs, and our world in general with anyone to this extent.

It was a great way to end this wonderful experience. I credit Jenn to making this semester far better than I ever imagined.

Working at ORNL might have sealed the deal for getting into graduate school. I have more research experience walking into grad school that most undergrads. Yay!

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