Monday, January 16, 2006

Death penalty: Are we still barbarians?!

I had a discussion with Jessi recently about the death penalty. We found a site on the death penalty and its statistics. It seems that lethal injection is the execution method of choice, with alternatives if the death row inmate so chooses (Methods of Execution). Nebraska only executes by electrocution. Ouch. Burnt flesh. I remember watching Green Mile, and it was pretty horrific. There have been botched execution attempts as the prisoners needed multiple jolts to be killed. From the website, I noticed that lethal injection didn't have a 100% quick kill ratel either. Here is a site with Botched Executions since 1982. Scroll down to the recent ones. You would have thought they would have a fool-proof execution method by now. That's not even the point.

For a forgiving religion, Christianity certainly makes a lot of exceptions. I've been given Genesis 9:6 (Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man) as an example. The current reasoning goes as "Eye for an Eye". What the hell?! Are we freaking barbarians? I don't know how "civilized" executions are. The same people who raise a storm about public executions in countries like Saudi Arabia, still condone executions in the US. What a friggin' double standard.

People who support the death penalty use economics to counter life with no parole. They don't want their tax payer's money to be funding the survival of a murderer. It's free food, free room, and free room to exercize. The prisoners are akin to animals in the zoo minus spectators. I guess it's a valid argument, and it would seem economically favorable to execute the prisoners versus keeping him alive till they die a natural death. However, I have also been informed that it takes a decent amount of money for the process of execution. I need to verify that. Here is the website about the costs of death penalty.

Would starvation be a method of execution? Slow, painful. So, solitary confinement, without food. That's inhumane, right? Inhumane compared to a quick death? How much of money would be spent in that chain of events?

Now to realistic alternative that I am not averse to. Brainwashing, cognitive reprogramming, psychological reconditioning. I don't know if we have technology to achieve that, but couldn't a brutal person be made docile and useful by reprogramming? So, instead of execution, just change the person and put them to constructive use. Who knows, the diabolical genius could be a genius in other fronts too.. What's future?

Anyway, what do you guys think?

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I agree. Please read DEATH PENALTY -- Should It Be Banned in the United States? the website is: