Friday, August 19, 2005

last day with andi

i have been sleeping on the couch since this week began. And tonight will be the last night on the couch. Andi, her mum and their exchange student leave early tomorrow from Batavia. I got some apartment stuff filled out and got my keys. I also met James my room mate for the next four months. He is a very polite and pleasant guy. I've been chatting with him pretty often before I got to Oak Ridge.. Andi, and her family along with me went to Gatlinberg which is supposed to be an artsy fartsy place. Before we hit Gatlinberg we did a picnic at the Smoky Mountains National Park. Well, it was going fine until the part when i slipped and fell into the water with my cell phone and camera in my pocket. i was stupid not to leave my cell phone out before I started walking around on the rocks.. anyway, the camera didnt get soaked for more than a second but the cell phone took some water. eventually after drying it started working again but it gave me a scare because i didn't want to buy another cell phone just yet..And of course, i was completely soaked. And I'm not totally dry yet. I did dry my socks and my shoes got a little drier when i put them under onee of those automatic drying machines in the rest rooms..we went to a few art and craft stores in gatlinberg but didn't buy anything. I was given a small bear made by an American Indian as a gift. I took a few pictures of the first wolf i've ever seen. and then we just walked around downtown. i disliked all the touristy stores selling the exact same things..the weird part was seeing nice stores by not so nice stores..and then there were these stores which had hard core christian shirts surrounded by sleazy dirty shirts.. just catering to the needs of the tourists..and now as i write, we are heading back to oak's been a fun day. i really liked the national park with the water and the rocks..

i do have quite a few pictures to put up. i might go wardriving to put them up if need be ;)..

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Sam said...

Lol, you want super touristy places, try Hawaii where every street corner has an ABC store selling cheapo tourist souvenirs. I'm getting tired of going on trips where every store carries the same boring items. I'd like something unique and interesting when I'm on a trip.