Monday, November 01, 2004

Analyse this!

I have been thinking and analysing everything that happened at homecoming this time. That night, the dance seemed good but now after Andi told me that I annoyed her by taking her when she was dancing with Rob, and that I was following her has kind of killed that. I was being very aggressive for the first time at a dance like this. I am usually passive and even if I want to dance with someone, I don't go forward if they are dancing with someone else. This time I decided to hell with that. I will do what I want, when I want. I am entitled to have fun too. I danced with some of my friends even with their boyfriends right there but I didn't give a shit. I felt like dancing with them for that little bit and I did. I never took them away for more than 30 seconds. That way I made sure that Andi didn't feel ignored. Apparently, I didn't need to do that because she wanted the chance to dance with other people which is fine. It was a funny coincidence that we kept ending up dancing near Rob, might have been accidental but who knows. And she did leave me half way through a couple of songs and just turned around and started dancing with him. I was left stranded in the middle of the dance floor and I had to look around for other people to dance with. I wonder how she would feel if I did that to her... Maybe I did do that to her when I was dancing with my friends. Maybe we did spend too much of time dancing with each other. I think during the next dance, I'm going try to make a conscious effort to not monopolize her. It did seem like she had fun dancing with me but there were a few situations where I felt otherwise...

      On a happier note, the dinner was good. I wish we could have sat beside Britta and Sean but there is no point pondering about it. I saw Amanda and Matt and her friends at the Texas Roadhouse too. I really wanted to eat with them and felt like that more and more as the our group got bigger. I wish Amanda and Andi atleast greeted each other. In the end, it was fine that we didn't eat with them because it would have been very awkward with the two girls. And at the dance, I did get to dance or atleast see most of my friends. Komal was so funny! I didn't get to dance with Kelly this time though because she was with Brian the whole night. I remember last homecoming when me and Andi spent the whole dance together. I wanted to dance with some other people that time but I thought it wasn't right because Andi was my date and my girl friend at the time. This time I had plenty of oppurtunities to dance with other people but when I was alone, I could never find anyone to dance with. What luck!

      So, on the whole, I'd say homecoming was fun. It could have been better.

      You should see pics from homecoming at Joy's Odds N Ends

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