Friday, July 01, 2005

So smoking is allowed on flights under special circumstances

Courtesy: This is Broken

June 30, 2005

Broken: Ashtrays on planes

Alexander Moseson writes:

I recently took a Delta Airlines trip on an Airbus A321. The cheesy video at the beginning of the flight said "No Smoking." The overhead lights said "No Smoking." Several other signs said "No Smoking."

Yet there are ashtrays located in the lavatory, and in the aisle above the trashcan, and probably other places, too, for your smoking convenience. I asked a flight attendant about this, and she explained that the ashtrays were left in place incase a smoker had a panic attack and needed to smoke while in flight.

Whoa! What the hell! I guess that should be allowed but then we will be breathing second hand smoke for the rest of the flight. Well, but then we will also be saving a life just so it is shortened at the end of his/her life. That's irony!


Anonymous said...

Delta doesn't fly SCAREBUSES!!

indoloony said...

what does that mean?